Pangea is the first non-profit organization founded in Greece, in collaboration with the Venus Project and Jacque Fresco.

The purpose of the organization is non-profit and charitable. It is mainly about informing and promoting the global alternative social project "The Venus Project" and the resource-based economy to the society. The smoothest possible transition to a society, that will have left poverty, deprivation, competition, segregation and wars behind. A new society, based on its interest in man and the environment, a hope for the future of mankind.

As Jacques Fresco notes: "As long as we have war, police, prisons, crime, one understands that we are at an early stage of civilization.".

Science, technology, our relationship to the nature, and the rational use of the resources that the planet offers us to live, are the keys for our personal upgrowth and the progress of our civilization. We start from the fundamental understanding that we are symbiotic beings and we live in a symbiotic environment.

We coordinate our action and work with other social networks about the environment, culture, human rights, resource sustainability, clean energy, unity of people and education.


  • Informing the public through seminars and lectures about:
    - Resource-based economy
    - The possibilities of technology
    - Modern cultivation techniques
    - Energy sustainability
    - The financial system
    - Human values
  • Promoting Jacque Fresco's book "The best that money can't buy" in its Greek edition.
  • Making contact and informating universities about the Venus Project and the Resource-Based Economy.
  • Linking with social bodies and organizations, local and international, which have similar charitable goals and actions with Pangea.
  • Supporting research efforts and alternative technologies that highlight the realism of our proposal.

Our ultimate goal is to create an experimental - research city, that will operate on the lines of the Venus Project.
More information about this can be found in the section: The Venus Project - Aims and Proposals

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