Pangea - Founding declaration

"Pangea" - non profit organization,

Established in Athens - Greece, in October 2010 in collaboration with the founder of The Venus Project and the Resource Based Economy, Jacque Fresco.

We support an alternative vision for a sustainable new world civilization, that has no relation to any social system that has existed in the past.

We introduce a bold, new direction for humanity which involves nothing less than the total redesign of our culture. Today there are more and more people who are concerned about the serious problems of our society: unemployment, violent crime, replacement of humans by technology, overcrowding and deterioration of ecosystems on Earth.

We are committed to addressing all these problems with the active participation in research, development and implementation of sustainable solutions. Through the use of innovative approaches to social awareness, educational incentives, and the consistent application of the best that science and technology can apply to society, with the Venus Project as our compass, we offer a comprehensive plan for social rehabilitation in which human beings, technology and nature will be able to coexist in a long-term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium.

We are working towards the goal that all the resources of the Earth are to be the common heritage of every single human in the world. Anything less will simply lead to a continuation of the same list of problems associated with today’s outdated system.

The current state of our world, the immense suffering and poverty, violence and wars, deprivation of even the basic necessities for survival from large groups of people, is the result of ignorance, intimidation and manipulation that has been inflicted upon generations of people by corrupt powers which, under the monetary financial system and the logic of power to own and exploit the natural resources our planet has to offer, managed to define and regulate the global economy for their own purposes regardless of the real cost.

The current state of our world is also the result of a crisis of values that exists in the minds of people through their growth as sentient beings from their very first day. People are indoctrinated upon specific sets of values created by the established institutions that govern modern societies. These sets of values were created to perpetuate the status quo.

None, and especially the educational system, has ever tried to provide people with the necessary information that would help them reach the fundamental understanding that "all is one, directly connected and interdependent”.

At “Pangea” we do not recognize the distinctions between people for any political, religious, ideological or economic reasons. We consider them artificial and fabricated, and this is directly linked to the current social model, which leads to stratification, deprivation, scarcity, war and all other negative behaviors and circumstances that modern societies perpetuate.

The main reasons which led us to the decision of establishing the "Pangea" are:
  • We came to the conclusion that the one-sided presentation of our shared vision for a better world, mainly through the internet, created more problems and misunderstandings amongst people that wanted to understand all those issues and objectives that we want to present to society. Of course, this does not mean that the World Wide Web is useless as a means of communication, but apart from that it cannot be very helpful to further organizational processes and cannot provide substantive, practical results.
  • We want to focus and work on the basis and substance of ideas of our goals with more flexibility and effectiveness, creating an organizational entity other than a web-oriented group of people, an entity which has legal coverage and can work together with various other social groups, academic groups etc, especially those that we have a compatible way of thinking. We firmly believe that legal coverage in a society deeply directed, manipulated and often provocative, is necessary to help us achieve our goals.
  • The ever increasing need for physical (offline) and effective communication with people who are seriously interested to learn and participate in our effort to showcase the Venus Project as the most modern and intelligent social redesign proposal to as many people around us as possible.
  • The need to communicate and collaborate with fellow human beings who are seriously interested in offering their expertise on issues related to our proposal that need research, development and implementation.
  • And last but not least, the aspiration to actually create the conditions and tools necessary for the transition from the current system, into the one we are proposing through the VP and the resource based economy, as smooth and realistic as it can be for all of us.

We are interested to educate and inform any person that will want to, about the alternative proposal of the Venus Project and the Resource Based Economy that can provide a stable basis for further human development in accordance to the natural environment and the carrying capacity of the Earth.

The resource-based economy will use existing resources instead of money and ensure a fair method of allocating these resources in the most efficient way for the whole population. It's a system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credit, barter or any other form of debt or servitude.

Our intention is to create the necessary tools, instruments and equipment that will help us lead a peaceful social transition phase, from the current situation to the Resource Based Economy as proposed by the Venus Project.

We understand that to make the transition from the present, politically incompetent, outdated and based on outdated principals’ society to this new, more humane society, it will require a huge leap in both thought and action.

An understanding of who and what we are, together with the fact that science, nature and technology hold the secrets of our personal growth and overall development of our human civilization, are extremely fundamental concepts which we need to share and help others to understand.

Here at “Pangea”, we are characterized by our need to share all of our available supplies of knowledge, skills and talents without being motivated by any type of self profit or self recognition.

One fundamental principle for our organization is the agreement to use on all procedures the Scientific Method as the most effective and efficient method for decision making. Personal opinions are very important in the synthesis of issues or data evaluation in the working groups. Decisions, however, are characterized by objectivity on the desired result. Basically we do not take decisions, but reach decisions via the Scientific Method.

Ongoing training and awareness is very important to Pangea. We will use presentations, lectures, screenings and seminars towards that goal.

Our relationship with other social organizations with goals similar to ours is very important.

It is important to mention that we disagree with the current way of reaction and protest through demonstrations, marches or violent demonstrations of any type against the current system. Our understanding is that these represent outdated ways of expressing protest and come in direct conflict with the fundamental understanding that “all is one, directly connected and interdependent”.

We appeal to all the people who are really concerned and aware of their personal responsibility in relation to the social context. We invite all the people who do not want to be silent observers “watching from the comfort of their couch” anymore, as billions of people suffer today from an outdated and sick social system.

Join us, participate and enrich our effort towards the transition that has already begun.

The Pangea NPO - United towards a sustainable future for all.

© Pangea TVP