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We will be there, at the Spiral Knights, the unique Eco Festival, 5-10 of September 2017, on Telethrio in Evia, along with FreeAndReal, to share to all participants our vision: "A new better world is now possible". We want as many friends as possible to become part of this world, part of the solution.

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Perhaps we would have never been emotionally ready to hear those news that we knew well that it could come sooner or later.
... the news that Jacque Fresco, the man who was the cause for all of us to learn, to discover more deeply, to inspire and act into another direction in this barbaric and unsafe world, constantly led to the repetition of a vicious cycle of unreasonable misery, is no longer with us.

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On Saturday 18th March and Sunday 19th March 2017, at 12:00 pm, on the Dimokratias street 40, we'll open an appointment for friends who would like to know us and participate responsibly and actively in our actions and efforts.

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As part of our effort to transmit our vision of a radical redesign of our organizational and value structures, based on Venus Project's global social proposal, to more and more citizens, we participated in the 4-day Spiral Knights Eco-Festival 2016 Organized by Free and Real at Telethrio in Evia - Greece.

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ERT3's broadcast "Reactant" showed on Wednesday, June 22, 2016, unveiled Pangea as well as other movements that question the way our society is organized.
The broadcast was also reported in Athens' integrated collaborative venture and other self-organized synergistic and cooperative ventures that have recently participated in the 5th Solidarity and Cooperative Economy Festival at Plato Academy.

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